Weekend Warrior Tours

mobile_bay2Our Weekend Warrior Program is all set for 2015. These tours are shorter than our other programs, but just as high in quality. All include two lectures, two days touring, admissions fees, bus transportation, two lunches, services of an expert historian, a tour leader and any other transportation needed. Take a look at the list: Weekend Warrior Civil War Tours.

Looking at the river from the fortifications near Trophy Point above the river.

Looking at the river from the fortifications near Trophy Point. Only by looking from both directions was the superiority and critical nature of the plains at West Point obvious.

Join us to experience the history of the United States as you can in no other way, touring the locations where the events happened, led by experts who share their detailed knowledge of what occurred, why it mattered then and why it matters now.

Since 1994, the Blue and Gray Education Society has been America’s Leading Nonprofit, Civil War Educational Organization.

See our Schedule of upcoming American Civil War Tours.

Grant's 1963 Bayou Campaign

BGES goes and takes clients where no one else dares go–here we are in the back roads of Mississippi following Grant’s 1863 Bayou Expeditions.

In 2013, we initiated a new series of affordable programs designed for an early Friday get away and Sunday evening return, our Weekend Warrior Tours.