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Ed Bearss Publications

Decision in Mississippi (Little Rock, Arkansas, 1962)
Rebel Victory at Vicksburg
(Little Rock, Arkansas, 1963; Reprinted 1989)
Hardluck Ironclad, the Sinking and Salvage of the Cairo
(Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 1966; Reprinted 1980)
Steele’s Retreat from Camden and the Battle of Jenkins’ Ferry
(Little Rock, Arkansas, 1967; Reprinted 1990)
Fort Smith: Little Gibraltar on the Arkansas
, with Dr. A. M. Gibson (Oklahoma, 1969; Reprinted 1979 and 1988)
Protecting Sherman’s Lifeline: The Battles of Brice’s Cross Roads and Tupelo 1864
(Washington, 1971, Small Paperback)
The Battle of Wilson’s Creek
(Bozeman, Montana, 1975) Forrest at Brice’s Cross Roads (Dayton, Ohio, 1975)
The Battle of Jackson; The Siege of Jackson; and Three Other Post-Vicksburg Actions
(Baltimore, Maryland, 1981)
The Battle of Five Forks
, with Chris Calkins (Lynchburg, Virginia, 1985)
Vicksburg is the Key, Volume I
(Dayton, Ohio, 1985)
Grants Strikes a Fatal Blow, Volume II
(Dayton, Ohio, 1986)
Unvexed to the Sea, Volume III
(Dayton, Ohio, 1986)
River of Lost Opportunities The Civil War on the James River
(Lynchburg, Virginia, 1995)
Smithsonian’s Great Battles and Battlefields of the Civil War
, with Jay Wertz (New York, 1997)
Campaigning with Sgt. Reeves and Company G Sixth Ohio Volunteer Cavalry: From Orwell to Hour’s School
(Arizona, 2002)
Fields of Honor: Pivotal Battles of the Civil War
(National Geographic, Washington DC, 2006)