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We depend on volunteers to help in several areas.

Board of Directors Members

Our Board of Directors is a volunteer board consisting of BGES members from across the country. Since our Board members are scattered throughout the nation, most quarterly Board meetings are held via telephone conference calls, although typically one meeting a year is held in a centrally located city. In addition to participation in Board meetings, other requirements include donating at the Brigade level or higher, dedication to the BGES mission, and willingness to pay individual expenses for travel and room for Board-related functions. For more information, please email

Yellow Ribbon Fund Tour Assistants

The BGES and the Yellow Ribbon Fund have partnered in providing free Civil War programs to disabled veterans to help them re-assimilate themselves into society after combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Since many participants are amputees undergoing rehabilitation, we need volunteers to assist the veterans in participating in these programs. Volunteers are responsible for paying for their individual expenses, other than meals during the events. To volunteer or to get more information, please email


All BGES programs are video recorded. In order to make all the information from the recordings available in written archival form, those recordings must be transcribed. These transcriptions have most recently been used in the publication of Ed Bearss’ Fields of Honor book. If you would like to participate or learn more, please email