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North Anna

This 1998 project was the BGES’ first and it consisted of 10 signs for the interpretative trail leading to the Ox Ford Battlefield and the fight on May 25, 1864 between Grant’s surging army and Lee’s counter punching defenders. The signs were designed by park historian Michael Miller and approved by Ed Bearss. The signs were designed and fabricated by Michael Beard of SunSyne Products in Johnson City, Tennessee.

The Bearss’ Brigade sponsored one of the signs as did Museum of the Confederacy Executive Director Waite Rawls. Other signs were donated by BGES members for various reasons. BGES member Jim Davis recently sponsored the renewal of the signs at his own expense. Total replacement cost less than one sign did in 1998.

The park is maintained by the Hanover County Parks and Recreation Bureau and the park was donated by Martin Marietta Aggregate. The park is scheduled to increase in size in the future as a result of an agreement between the country and Martin Marietta over expanded drilling rights. The park is well maintained and worth the visit.

To see a larger version of any sign, click on the thumbnail image.

 North Anna Sign 1 North Anna Sign 2
 North Anna Sign 3 North Anna Sign 4
 North Anna Sign 5 North Anna Sign 6
 North Anna Sign 7 North Anna Sign 8
 North Anna Sign 9  North Anna Sign 10