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Pamplin Park Cannon Project

Pamplin CannonTime is really flying and your achievements continue to mount. The Yellow Ribbon Program is going well and the Ford’s Theater Flag Project is moving towards its culmination. The second and third flags are being constructed now and we expect to present them to Ford’s Theater within the next four months. We recently met with Medford Historical Society and are heping to fund the digitization of their photographic collection.

You should have read about the Pamplin Historical Park Cannon Project. This is a 50/50 partnership to enhance their outdoor classroom environment. I have participated in one of their Adventure Camps and it is a worthy experience for both young and old alike. I saw fathers and sons, and entire families including sons, daughters and mothers there as well. The curriculum includes familiarization with and firing the weapons of the war—the musket and mortar. Missing was the real “Queen of the Battle”—a full size artillery piece. I suggested to Will Greene, their President, that this was a significant shortfall. He agreed and he noted that they do an annual fundraiser with their members. The catalogue price was steep—over $40,000 with all the bells and whistles.

Of course this is a realistic reproduction—-a Confederate 12 pound Napoleon. It is full sized and capable of going on a battlefield today. I am proud of Will Greene–I’ve known him for 16 years and he is always going to do the best he can on any project. He was able to get the entire piece, carriage and support accoutrements for a bit over $20,000—a savings of nearly $20,000 on the original estimate. I had thought we would need to raise $21,000 but that figure turned into a very manageable $10,000.

I am honored to be your director. In the entire history of our existence, BGES members have responded to every single appeal in full. We have a critical mass of action oriented members who are able to handle projects of this size.

Thanks again for your support.

Len Riedel

Executive Director