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Vicksburg Campaign

In 1995, the old Association for the Preservation of Civil War Sites using National Park Service (American Battlefield Protection Program) funds contracted with the BGES to plan and execute a multidisciplinary conference to examine the “interpretative potential” of the Vicksburg Campaign. During a masterful series of public presentations and work sessions, BGES produced an actionable report that has served as a blue plate for planners seeking a way forward to present and preserve sites related to the campaign.

Today a number of the recommendations related to friends groups, Grand Gulf, the Shaifer House, Port Gibson, Lake Providence, Raymond, Champion Hill, Big Black River and Vicksburg have been implemented. In other instances where corrective action as not taken we now see the sad byproducts of that neglect as sites such as the Coker House have been seriously compromised and their historical integrity lost despite the support of the Governor of Mississippi, the late Kurt Fordice. The report is available in five parts as downloadable pdf: