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Yellow Ribbon Fund Tours

BGES is partnering with the Washington D.C. based charity, Yellow Ribbon Fund. This is one of many nonprofits set up to help injured soldiers and their families as they focus on reintegrating people into American culture and giving them foundational assistance in transitioning back to life in America. They operate out of Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Last year, BGES volunteered to offer tours of Civil War sites to help relieve the monotony of long term rehabilitative stays at the hospital.

Our 2013 Yellow Ribbon Fund Tour Schedule

  • March 23, Gettysburg from Bethesda
  • April 6, Spotsylvania from Fort Belvoir
  • May 11, Antietam from Bethesda
  • May 25, Monticello from Fort Belvoir
  • June 15, Gettysburg from Bethesda
  • July 13, First Manassas from Fort Belvoir
  • September 28, Antietam and Keedysville from Bethesda and Fort Belvoir
  • October 26, Gettysburg from Bethesda

These photos (courtesy of BGES member Charles F. Lee) are from two of our 2012 Yellow Ribbon Tours. Click any photo to enlarge it.

Briefing at North Carolina Statue McChrystal at North Carolina Statue Gettysburg Briefing Gettysburg Briefing

To read more, see our blog post about the April 15, 2012 tour of Gettysburg.

To Contribute

To date, we have co-sponsored five programs and will continue as long as we have sponsors willing to support the project. To make a donation, call 434-250-9921. To be included on our mailing list for this project, email

Use this button to make a Yellow-Ribbon-Fund donation using PayPal.