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Leadership and Staff Ride Training

BGES Staff Rides and Leadership Program provides an advanced level study focused on leadership principals and how they pertain to the military and business worlds.

Fort Putnam, West Point

BGES staff experience in the military is a force multiplier in gaining access to restricted areas not ordinarily open to the public. Here the group is examining the high ground from Fort Putnam which overlooks the barracks at West Point. Access is always a significant attraction of BGES tours--it has been said if Len cannot get you in, you cannot get in!

Our programs allow the participant to get to the why of any battle rather than merely learning the what. BGES is careful to offer all programs in context — campaign strategies are not neglected. Reading materials are presented in full color (when appropriate) and are full of rich resources that aren’t typically seen by most battlefield students.

Programs are carefully constructed and the number of participant is kept small to maintain quality and accessibility to sites that aren’t normally visited or accessible by bus groups.

The vast majority of the staff rides are conducted over 3 1/2 days and are limited to 16 registrants in one or two vans. These programs offer great value for the money.