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Why take a tour?

Parker Hills

Retired General Parker Hills explains the Federals' overarching orders to deploy in a manner to protect Baltimore and Washington from Lee's Pennsylvania Raid.

It’s one thing to read a book, it’s another to watch a film. It’s an entirely different experience to visit the hallowed ground where history occurred. We take you to that hallowed ground and bring its meaning alive.

Our programs are carefully constructed to emphasize the historical context and highlight the campaign strategies to allow you to get to the why of any battle rather than merely learning the what. Our trips to Civil War sites with expert guides allow all participants to gain a better understanding of the events that occurred on those sites while actually walking the grounds.

Dobbins House Dinner

A small cohort continues its spirited discussion of Meade's decisions at Dobbin House in Gettysburg over a dinner of roast beef, grilled salmon and generous amounts of Cabernet and draft Guinness.

We cover topics like “the face of secession” as we travel the South Carolina Low Country with regional experts, Grant’s Road to Destiny in a detailed series of tours in Vicksburg, the Fugitive Slave Law and the impact of Uncle Tom’s Cabin on the world psyche based in beautiful Lexington, and a serious study of leadership in the Gettysburg Campaign.

All our tours are led by recognized experts in their fields. We arrange for hotel discounts and in most cases provide all meals.

Many of our participants have taken multiple tours.