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Spotsylvania, VA / Photo courtesy of Chuck Lee



Our expert guides bring American history’s most critical moments to life through an extraordinary level of expertise and passion. No other tour group goes where we go or shares the insider information that we have. Upcoming tours include:

  • Longstreet’s Command Audition: Tennessee in the Fall of 1863 | Aug. 1-4, 2018
    This tour highlights the actions of James Longstreet and how his rise to power was thwarted. With Norm Dasinger, from Dalton, GA, with an overnight in Knoxville

  • Stoneman’s 1865 North Carolina Raid | Aug. 19-21, 2018
    General George Stoneman led Federal cavalry troops on a mission at the end of the Civil War to “destroy and not fight battles,” one of history’s longest cavalry raids ever. This program delves into Stoneman’s April 1865 sortie. With Len Riedel, from Winston-Salem, NC

  • Revolution in the Smokies: The Over-the-Mountain Men | Aug. 22-25, 2018
    With the Revolutionary War raging in the north, the British strategy shifted to bringing the southern colonies back into loyalty with the crown, a move that ended with the massacre of Major (and Scotsman) Patrick Ferguson and his men at Kings Mountain. This tour explores that story. With Bert Dunkerly, from Charlotte, NC




Photo courtesy of Chuck Lee