Historic Evidence Trunk Acquired by BGES!

As BGES digs in to helping restore the Lincoln Conspirators’ Courtroom at Fort McNair, Washington, D.C., two exciting new artifacts have been discovered. We caught up with BGES member Paul Severance, who is helping to lead the project, to ask a few questions about these intriguing relics of history. BGES Blog: What are the items, … Read more

New Project Intel: Grand Gulf Interpretive Marker Restoration

The 55-year-old cast aluminum markers at Grand Gulf State Park describing the famous battle there were decrepit. Several had been so heavily damaged through the years that they had been tossed aside in a scrap pile. Enter, BGES. When BGES members attended the “Grant Crosses the Mississippi” Third Installment in February 2018, several participants, including … Read more

Just Hanging Around!

Len Riedel, BGES Executive Director

Today, BGES celebrates 25 fantastic years of fronting Civil War In that time, we’ve scoured related sites We’ve And through it all, we’ve been honored to engage with some of history’s and the military’s greatest minds. To commemorate our 25th anniversary, some of our members have been sharing their favorite BGES stories on these pages … Read more