Membership Renewal

Congratulations on your renewal decision. Even if you are past due, use this button to get current with the BGES again. Your reenlistment in the BGES Volunteer Regiment is critical to our long-term sustainability. At this time of renewal, please carefully consider the level of support you want to provide. You know what we have done and are doing. You also know that seven out of ten BGES members donate at or above $100 per year. In 2017 the average membership donation was $266. There are many ways to achieve the level you may want to donate; one may involve multiple donations during the year. If such an option appeals to you select the Quarter Guard button,

Regardless of your decision, thank you for coming here. If you have any questions please call Len Riedel at 434-822-3990.

Membership Renewal Categories

  • Company: $100-$175
  • Regimental: $176-$350
  • Brigade: $351-$600
  • Division: $601-$1200
  • Corps: $1201-$3000
  • Army $3001-$10,000
  • Presidential $10,001 and above

To renew your membership, click on this PayPal Donate button and enter an amount from the membership level you want.

If you would like to make a special donation to BGES by mail, use our printable donation form.