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We depend on our members’ generosity to support our mission. Renew now, using one of the links below. If you are not a member yet, see the benefits of membership along with instructions on how to join BGES on our Membership Page.

BGES is a 501(c)(3) organization; therefore, membership donations are 100% tax-deductible. Our members’ annual membership donations start at a minimum of $75/year (Volunteer level), although many members choose to donate at higher levels (Leadership Corps). If you are currently a Volunteer level member, please consider upgrading to Leadership Corps. Members may also choose to participate in our Quarter Guard Program which allows them to support BGES on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Renew online, using a secure PayPal server.

Please renew my BGES Volunteer Regiment membership for $75.00/year.
I am a pre-college or full-time college student and want to join as a BGES Cadet for $25.00/year.
I appreciate the work you do and want to do more to enhance the greater mission of battlefield interpretation by the BGES. I want to make a contribution of over $100 and renew as a Leadership Corps member.

To renew by mail, use our downloadable, printable membership renewal form.

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