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Ford’s Theatre Presidential Box Flags

Photo courtesy of Ford’s Theatre

In 2009, BGEs members accepted the challenge to fund the restoration of three flags that adorned President Lincoln’s box the evening of April 14th, 1865. One of the flags, the Treasury Guard’s Flag was torn when assassin John Wilkes Booth caught his spur on it when leaping down to the stage. The theater was in the midst of a major renovation in preparation for the Bicentennial commemoration of Lincoln’s birth. Then NPS curator, Gloria Swift noted during a BGES tour that no funds were available to do this important project. BGES asked for an estimate and provided more than $8,000 in funding to allow the flags to be available for the reopening. A reception and program was held for the BGES and other supporters after the project was completed. BGES received a color lithograph of the Presidential Box and a letter of appreciation from the Superintendent of the site. The flags are prominent in any visit to the theater today.

Our fundraising efforts for this particular project are complete; however, if you would like to make a donation to a similar project, use this button or call 434-250-9921. To be notified when other similar projects begin, please email