Pamplin Historical Park Adventure Camp Cannon Project

The 12-pound Napoleon FiringIn 2007, A. Wilson Greene, President and CEO of Pamplin Historical Park, asked BGES to cosponsor the acquisition of a piece of artillery for use in their Civil War Adventure Camp. The camps were designed to expose both youth and adults to the life of the common soldier, and the artillery piece was intended to show the power of the combat environment. Participants would have the opportunity to see how the gun was serviced, the teamwork required to fire it, and the tremendous concussive footprint a fully loaded artillery piece had. The park selected a 12-pounder Confederate model Napoleon. BGES members contributed nearly $10,000 as their share of the project. The gun was fired by Marine Corps Corporal Jessie Fletcher, an American Wounded Warrior alumni of our Wounded Warrior tour program, to kick off our 25th Anniversary year in April 2018.