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Wounded Warrior Tours

Robert Baker and Son/Gettysburg / Photo courtesy of Chuck Lee

Our slated tours for 2018 include:

  • April 14:  Chancellorsville
  • May 12:  Gettysburg
  • June 9:  Spotsylvania Court House
  • July 21:  First Manassas
  • September 1:  Fredericksburg
  • September 29:  Antietam (Keedysville luncheon)
  • October 20:  Gettysburg

BGES raises necessary funding from its membership and supportive friends as needed, and spends on average approximately $12,000 annually. Expenses include travel for the supporting staff, lunch, lodging, bus transportation, and current books that reinforce the content of the tours.

Between 2006 and 2016, BGES partnered with the highly regarded Yellow Ribbon Fund Inc. That partnership ended amicably in 2017, as BGES wished to offer more tours than Yellow Ribbon was prepared to support. We doubled the number from four to eight and served over 160 clients in 2017.