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Supporting BGES

Painting by Jeff Fioravanti

Since 1994, the BGES has served as the nation’s only national nonprofit, Civil War educational organization. Fueled by generous public support, the BGES maintains a robust agenda of public service and educational projects, a list of which is shown here.

Reputed for getting this done with a minimum of red tape and animated by a “get it done on time and budget attitude,” the BGES has become the go-to organization for any number of projects ranging in scope from $1,500 up to and exceeding $100,000. Information on past and current projects can be found throughout the website.

The BGES also has developed educational programming that is innovative and informative, tying together various elements of American history into small interactive tours that go where other organizations cannot or will not go.

Membership in the BGES by tax-deductible donation places you in the middle of our beehive of activity and offers multiple opportunities to pick and choose which aspects of the organization’s mission you wish to support.

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