Historic Evidence Trunk Acquired by BGES!

As BGES digs in to helping restore the Lincoln Conspirators’ Courtroom at Fort McNair, Washington, D.C., two exciting new artifacts have been discovered. We caught up with BGES member Paul Severance, who is helping to lead the project, to ask a few questions about these intriguing relics of history. BGES Blog: What are the items, … Read more

Mr. Lincoln’s Brown Water Navy: The Mississippi Squadron

Lincoln's Brown Water Navy

[box]By Gary D. Joiner
The Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group, 2007
Reviewed by Len Riedel, Executive Director, BGES
March 29, 2010.[/box]

Lincoln's Brown Water Navy

Gary Joiner is part of a new breed of historians populating the study of the Civil War. He is the nation’s leading expert on the Louisiana Red River Campaign and has given that region of the country a much needed anchor in Civil War historiography. Gary has become prolific in his publications, discharging years of research in a relatively brief period of time and he has recently undertaken a very prestigious editorial function with the University of Tennessee Press. He holds a faculty position at the Louisiana State University campus at Shreveport—his tours of the Red River in Louisiana are not to be missed.

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Lincoln in the Times

Lincoln in the Times

The Life of Abraham Lincoln as originally reported in the New York Times

[box]Edited by David H. Donald and Harold Holzer
St. Martin’s Press, 2005[/box]

Lincoln in the TimesI was given this book by Vicki and Jerry Spier following my heart surgery in 2008. I just finished reading it and found myself wishing that I had picked it up as soon as I received it. While there are no shortage of monographs on Abraham Lincoln in and around his Bi-centennial commemoration this book was refreshingly simple and informative. Indeed with so much analysis of Lincoln filling the bookshelves it was a relief to look at Lincoln in the context of his actual life.

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