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BGES conducts its flagship “Civil War Field University” by design for small groups usually traveling in vans to facilitate maximum access where buses cannot go. By keeping the groups small—usually between 8 and 20 people—BGES provides a stimulating and invigoratingly personal experience available from no other organizations offering Civil War tours.

Spotslyvania, VA / Photo courtesy of Chuck Lee

As a nonprofit, net proceeds underwrite charitable and educational activities of the organization. The reputation of BGES has caused it to be sought nationally and internationally for educational and leadership training, attracting some of the nation’s most respected historians and scholars both as members and teachers.


BGES trips offer a range of amenities that vary by the type of tour and the accessibility of resources. Field maps are often designed and used, reading books are usually featured, and suggested reading lists help interested persons prepare for the study to follow. Included meals are listed for each program. Lodging is usually not included unless the tour includes overnight stays away from the headquarters hotel.

Browse our list of upcoming tours on this page. Follow the links for detailed descriptions, itineraries and registration information.

Grant Disposes of Johnston: Part 4 of Our Signature Vicksburg Campaign Study

Mr. D’s Heavenly Fried Chicken and General Store / Photo courtesy of Mike Green

September 18-22, 2018

With Parker Hills, from Vicksburg, MS

A BGES Critical Civil War Campaign Study

You’ll follow Grant as he masterfully establishes his new supply base at Grand Gulf and fans out on a wide front, moving each of his three corps along separate routes. This program showcases the art of the command at a pivotal period in the Vicksburg Campaign.

Tour Details and Registration Information.

Engagement at Doctor’s Creek: The Battle for Perryville
A Walking Tactical Study

Perryville Battlefield State Historic Site

October 10-13, 2018

With Jim Ogden, from Shaker Village, KY

A Civil War Field University Program

While Robert E. Lee was stirring up fears in the east, the moves of Braxton Bragg into Tennessee and then Kentucky promised a potent Confederate punch just prior to Lincoln’s first midterm elections. This walking tour lays out the battle of Perryville and the profound ramifications it would have for the western Confederate armies.

Tour Details and Registration Information.

Virginia 400: Virginia on the Half Shell

Photo courtesy of

November 1-11, 2018

With Neil Mangum and Len Riedel from Norfolk, VA

A BGES Americana Field University Program

Virginia’s historical contributions began at Jamestown as England’s premier colony and haven’t let up to present day, including her deep involvement and leadership in the Revolutionary War and Civil War, birthing of four of America’s first five presidents, playing host to some of the nation’s most important and strategic military installations, and more. This insider’s tour of Virginia explores oft-overlooked sights that have hugely impacted the creation of our nation as we know it.

Tour Details and Registration Information.

Hood’s 1864 Tennessee Campaign Part 2:
Sherman Heads to the Sea and Hood Moves North

John Bell Hood

November 13-16, 2018

With Eric Jacobson, Len Riedel and Lee White from Spring Hill TN

A BGES Civil War Field University Program

Part 2 of our look at the Tennessee Campaign delves into Hood’s move to Florence and Sherman’s move back across land he has already won.

Tour Details and Registration Information

The 1862 Maryland Campaign Part 2:
An Impossible Situation: Defending Harpers Ferry

Harpers Ferry / Photo courtesy of

November 29-December 1, 2018

With Tom Clemens, from Frederick, MD

A BGES Critical Civil War Campaign Studies Program

This second program in the 1862 Maryland Campaign series explores the Civil War’s return to Harpers Ferry and sets the stage for the battle at Antietam on September 17, 1862.

Tour Details and Registration Information.

Refund and Cancellations

BGES is an educational organization. All registrations are open-ended and may be refunded if circumstances require the client to cancel. The general policy is a 100% refund for cancellations made before the event. Penalties are not usually assessed unless nonrefundable vendor costs are incurred. All refunds are determined and approved by the Executive Director of the BGES.