A Test of Loyalties: East Tennessee Raids, Railroads, and Rebellion 1861-1863

July 24-27, 2019

A BGES Civil War Field University Program

A Thrilling Scene in East Tennessee–Colonel Fry and the Union Men Swearing by the Flag
Harpers Weekly, March 29, 1862

Not everyone was anxious to leave the Union, and some had a significant interest in the national disruption. With the completion of the Tennessee and Virginia Railroad through Tennessee’s mountainous eastern section, a major transportation and economic artery was completed. Abraham Lincoln wanted the region’s loyal people to be protected, whereas the Confederacy realized how important the railroad was to the communications between the populous eastern states and the great potential of the West. In this program, historian Jim Ogden examines the various elements of the war as it affected this section of the Confederacy. Both regulars and irregulars engaged in vandalism, destruction, and intimidation; neighbors looked suspiciously at each other; and the war got very personal and very ugly. A unique and stimulating program with one of America’s best Civil War historians.



Chief historian of Chickamauga Chattanooga National Military Park, Jim Ogden is one of the country’s finest military historians and a preservationist of the first order. He has taught history courses and authored several articles about the Civil War. He is often called upon to lead tours for distinguished visitors to the National Park Service-having taken former Vice President Cheney and his family around Chickamauga and the region several times.