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Confederate Pensacola

February 10, 2019

A 2019 BGES Day of History Program

Fort Barrancas 1861

Fort Barrancas 1861
Patriot Pub Co. The Photographic History of the Civil War

We all know that the Civil War started with the firing on Fort Sumter, but what is not freely known is that the war could very easily have started in Escambia Bay, as Federal troops defended another important fortification at Fort Pickens. Isolated but not inaccessible, the southern insurrectionists plotted to seize the important fortification and, given a few more weeks, perhaps the first shots would have occurred here. Having visited Fort Pickens, we will then head inland to visit the unique and important fortification at Fort Barrancas along with the Outer Redoubt. Interspersed with stories of the region and Pensacola’s key role in operations on the Florida Panhandle and against Mobile, this is the perfect end to a Mobile weekend.



The executive director of the BGES, Len Riedel is a retired Air Force officer with a Master of Arts degree in history. He is the architect of the BGES’ diverse programming and of considerable preservation accomplishments in the nonprofit community. He blogs on this site: BGES Blog.