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Hood’s 1864 Tennessee Campaign Part 2:
Sherman Heads to the Sea and Hood Moves North

November 13-16, 2018

A BGES Civil War Field University Program

John Bell Hood / Photo courtesy of USAMHI (

Unleashed from the shackles of Atlanta, Hood has moved against the Western and Atlantic Railroad. In response, Sherman has moved back across land he has already won. This seems to be counterproductive; it is dancing to Hood’s band and Sherman knows it. In a bold decision, he splits his forces, determined to establish a new line of supply while helping Grant dispose of Lee in Virginia. He leaves George Thomas to hold Nashville and handle Hood. Later, he sends John Schofield to join Thomas’ forces.

Hood has discovered that he cannot use Decatur as his base of operations. The Federal garrison there will not yield, so he looks for a new supply base that he will find at Florence, Alabama. As Hood plans at Florence, Schofield places himself in Tennessee at Pulaski. This tour will study that dance. This three-part series will run until 2019 and will feature Len Riedel, Lee White, and Eric Jacobson. It is a superb study in detail of a misunderstood or appreciated effort.


Eric Jacobson is the moving force behind the reclamation of the Franklin battlefield. As the CEO of the Battle of Franklin Trust, he has cleared battlefield land, removed structures, and restored landscape while enhancing the interpretative experience. His books are the standard works on the battle and an excellent read.

Len Riedel is the Executive Director of the BGES. As the editor of the best-selling Civil War guidebook, The Civil War, A Traveler’s Guide, he has insights built over more than 30 years of study. He has taught Hood’s march in Leadership training courses and has a sophisticated and integrated look at the campaign.

Lee White is a staff historian at the Chickamauga-Chattanooga NMP. He was introduced to BGES members at the 2017 Part 1 program and is a recognized expert on the Army of Tennessee operations.

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