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Hood’s 1864 Tennessee Campaign Part 2:
Sherman Heads to the Sea and Hood Moves North


Tuesday, November 13, 2018

6:00 PM. Check in at our Spring Hill headquarters hotel for meet, greet, and to pick up your reading books. Eric Jacobson’s opening lecture will discuss the “Decision for Tennessee,” which will take a look at why Hood is in Tennessee. You will meet our other historians, Lee White and Len Riedel, as we discuss our program for the next three days.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

8:00 AM. We head back to Decatur, where we will pick up Hood after his failure to push the Federals out of that important communications center. From there we will go to Florence to discuss Hood’s preparations to enter Tennessee. Len and Lee will handle the tour today. As we cross the Tennessee, we will follow Hood’s exciting maneuvers that flush Schofield out of Pulaski and send him scurrying back to Columbia and the Duck River. Any fair analysis will admire the manner in which Hood has taken the initiative. If you play chess, Hood has moved to a spot where he will get either the bishop or the rook. Schofield can only attempt to save his force. This is a route that is still extant but never investigated on tours. It is essential to understanding Hood’s initiative. Lunch is included.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Today, Eric will take the lead and pick us up from Mount Pleasant to discuss the Confederates’ advance. We will look at the arrival of both armies at Columbia and the military actions there, going to Holland’s Ford (another newly accessible site), one of the crossing sites for Hood’s flanking maneuver. Following the route of the Confederate army to Spring Hill, we will spend about two hours on the Spring Hill battlefield. It is a lost opportunity. We will finish the day following Hood to Oaklawn and Rippa Villa. Here we will discuss in detail Hood’s instructions to his subordinates and the seemingly impossible escape of Schofield literally under the nose of the unobservant rebel army. Lunch is included.

Friday, November 16, 2018

8:15 AM. Over the past decade, the reclamation of the Franklin battlefield has been truly remarkable. The man who engineered this is Eric Jacobson. We will follow the Federal army up modern US 31 to Franklin. We will then go to Winstead Hill, where we will discuss the arrival of Hood and Cheatham’s Corps. After viewing the panorama, we will directly deal with one of the greatest “What if?” of the campaign—the potential flanking maneuver of Nathan Bedford Forrest. You decide. We will then place Alexander Stewart’s Corps to set the stage for the coming attack.

The Federals have fallen back and we will place them in and around the defenses of Franklin. Moving ahead of the lines, we will see the placement of Wagner’s troops, which offer a splendid opportunity for the assaulting Confederates. The remainder of our day covers the many aspects of the Confederates’ late afternoon attack and the night fighting. We will see a resilient Federal force counter-punching near the Carter House. We then head to Carnton, where we will pick up the Eastern Flank attack across a wonderfully recovered battlefield. As the fighting wanes, we will finish at Carnton, where the hospital scenes are truly heartrending. While there we will have an evening dinner and reception at Carnton. This is a completely new program offered for the first time by BGES. We hope you will join us. Lunch and dinner are included.


Registration includes three lunches a reception and dinner, a reading book with maps, the academic program, support of three professional historians, tour director, and transportation appropriate to the registration which will be limited to three vans: 27 people. We will also provide snacks, bottled water and a limited selection of sodas.

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This program will be based in Spring Hill, Tennessee. The hotel will be posted on this site. The headquarters hotel room block will likely be in the $110 a night range.


The servicing airport is Nashville (BNA). Traffic is atrocious. We strongly recommend you time your travel to arrive before 3:00 PM. Traffic becomes a problem around 3 PM and remains so until after 7 PM. If you need a rental car, perhaps you can find a dirt cheap rental car on

Key Publications and Recommended Reading

You will be provided with a reading book and maps upon arrival. We recommend the following books to enhance your preparation for this tour. has a program to support non-profits IF YOU SIGN UP to support Blue and Gray Education Society (EIN 54-1720582) at AmazonSmile. When you sign up there rather than the normal Amazon site, one-half of one percent of your purchase price will be provided to BGES as a donation from Amazon. This will apply not only on this purchase but others you may make at other times.

  • Steven M. Hood: The Lost Papers of Confederate General John Bell Hood. Available on AmazonSmile.
  • Stephen Woodworth: Jefferson Davis and His Generals, The Failure of Confederate Command in the West. Available on AmazonSmile.
  • Jefferson Davis: The Rise and Fall of the Confederate States of America. Available on AmazonSmile.
  • Eric Jacobson: For Cause and Country: The Affair at Spring Hill and The Battle of Franklin. Available on AmazonSmile.
  • Jamie Gillium: Twenty-Five Hours to Tragedy: The Battle of Battle of Spring Hill and Operations on November 29, 1864. Available on AmazonSmile.


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