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Jackson Checks Pope at Cedar Mountain

August 11, 2019

A BGES Civil War Field University Program

With McClellan huddled along the James River under the cover of his gunboats, Robert E. Lee deployed his Valley army back to Gordonsville, Virginia, to dispose of the controversial and bombastic Union general John Pope. Pope had been brought from the West in an effort to harmonize the discouraged elements of several bodies of Union troops that had been thoroughly bamboozled months earlier by Jackson’s aggressive marching in the Shenandoah Valley. Although his reputation had suffered by poor performance during the Seven Days’ Campaign, he was back in his element–until he ran into Union forces just outside Culpeper. Displaying poor tactical sense, Jackson was on the verge of losing the battle until fortune smiled upon him. A checkered victory checked Pope’s advance, and the initiative soon passed back to the Confederate chieftain. This is a great battle for a day-long tour, so check your schedule.


Greg Mertz

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