Lee’s Eyes and Ears: Stuart’s Ride Around McClellan in June 1862

September 29, 2019

A 2019 BGES Day of History Program

The Burial of Latané
William Dickinson Washington, 1864
Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

For the past year, Robert E. Lee had planned a comprehensive defensive network for the Confederacy and specifically for the national capital at Richmond. Now he was in command of the primary Confederate army less than 10 miles from Richmond. What to do? What threat? So much information in less than two weeks. This tour shows Lee at his demanding best, as he sends his 29-year-old cavalry chief on a mission to determine where his enemy was, how he was fed, and where he might be vulnerable. This tour follows Stuart’s route around McClellan’s right flank, across his supply line, and around his left, returning to report the vulnerabilities to his chief who would take the information to craft an audacious plan that would drive, corner, and destroy McClellan’s entire army.



The executive director of the BGES, Len Riedel is a retired Air Force officer with a Master of Arts degree in History. He is the architect of the BGES’ diverse programming and of considerable preservation accomplishments in the nonprofit community. He blogs on this site: BGES Blog.