The Battles of Dalton–Chapter 1 of the 1864 Georgia Campaign

April 23-26, 2020

A BGES Field University Program

Battle of Dug Gap. Alfred R. Waud
Courtesy Library of Congress

The past twenty years have produced some great scholarship on Sherman’s decisive Georgia Campaign of spring 1864. As we finish the set offered by Gary Ecelbarger, we start again with a new star–Bob Jenkins. This Dalton-based lawyer is fully immersed in the campaign; he has two excellent books out thus far and is working on documenting the rest of the campaign. He begins with us as we see how the Confederates set up under new commander Joseph E. Johnston and how Sherman organizes his army group of the Armies of the Tennessee, Cumberland, and Ohio. Join us as we discuss and see the key sites at Tunnel Hill, Dug Gap, Mill Creek Gap, Crow Valley, Potato Hill, and Rocky Face Ridge. The leaves will still be down and the vistas should be spectacular. If you want to pound dirt, this is the tour for you; each day will involve significant amounts of walking–the rewards will be worth it.



A Dalton, Georgia, lawyer whose passion for the Civil War has erupted with the knowledge he had ancestors who fought in the war, Robert Jenkins is a passionate preservationist and a moving force in the region for the newly interpreted sites in northern Georgia. His research and two published books are part of a larger Atlanta Campaign series he hopes to do. A veritable fountain of knowledge, he is being increasing sought out for tours and educational programs.