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Presented because of the distant overlap with the Civil War. Students of the Civil War often were catapulted into positions of leadership in the two wars. With Civil War veterans still living during the first World War and grandsons commanding armies in the second, names such as Patton, Buckner, and Forrest all found fame in Europe and the Pacific. Eisenhower and Churchill both loved the study of the war, with Ike living on and using the Gettysburg battlefield to host men like Churchill in America.

  • America Enters World War II • April 16-28, 2018
    Twentieth-Century Wars Programs
USS Arizona Memorial / Photo courtesy of United States Navy
America Enters World War II • April 16-28, 2018

After Japan attacks Pearl Harbor and other interests in the Pacific in 1941, the United States has no choice but to enter World War II. This tour explores America’s response to those attacks. With Duncan Anderson and Len Riedel, from Honolulu including Pearl Harbor, Guam, Saipan, Manila, Bataan and Corregidor. Minimum registration required. Deadline for registration is February 3, 2018.


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Twentieth-Century Wars Programs
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