Our Mission

Fort Fisher Visitors Center / Photo courtesy of Chuck Lee

The Blue and Gray Education Society is dedicated to the preservation of the heritage of the American Civil War by the study and understanding of its battlefields and other historic sites through the conduct of field study tours and seminars, open discussion of issues relating to the case for preserving sites and artifacts, interpretative projects, and collaborative evaluation and publication of scholarly research and writings.

Monthly Newsletter

Holding the Line edited by Barbara Noe Kennedy is published several months to our entire subscription list. If you haven’t already signed up as a subscriber, you can do so here: Sign up for our email list. Download prior issues in pdf format here.

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Member’s Newsletter

In Camp Along The Monocacy edited by Gloria Swift is published every several months and distributed to all members. It contains detailed stories and information. Information on joining BGES is here: BGES Membership. Download prior issues, in PDF format here.

Volume 1, Issue 2, July 2017
Volume 1, Issue 3, October 2017
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Volume 4, Issue 1, February/March 2020

Blue and Gray Dispatch

October 15, 2019 – Fitzgerald, Georgia: The Soldier’s Colony of Unity
October 18, 2019 – My Enemy, My Friend: A Civil War Friendship
October 22, 2019 – Civil War Photoshop
October 25, 2019 – CSS Shenandoah: Last Flag Down
October 29, 2019 – Raymond’s Obelisk
November 1, 2019 – Wilson’s Raid
November 5, 2019 – “More of the Story” on Monuments
November 8, 2019 – Our Greatest Trial: The American Civil Wa
December 3, 2019 – Fitzgerald, Georgia: The Soldier’s Colony of

December 6, 2019 – My Enemy, My Friend: A Civil War Friendship
December 10, 2019 – CSS Shenandoah: Last Flag Down
December 13, 2019 – Raymond’s Obelisk
December 17, 2019 – Wilson’s Raid
December 20, 2019 – Our Greatest Trial: The American Civil War
December 24, 2019 – Santa Claus – Our Nation’s Jolly Old Elf
December 28, 2019 – A Quiet Corner of the War
December 31, 2019 – GeneraSherman’s Famous March to the Sea
Began In Alabama – Not Georgia!

The following documents are available as pdf downloads: BGES BylawsMost recent Form 990IRS Determination letter.

Investors Reports

Our yearly reports prepared for the donors of the Blue and Gray Education Society are available for download here.

BGES Investor’s Report, 2014
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The Staff

Len Riedel, Executive Director, Blue and Gray Educational Society
Pam Riedel, Membership Coordinator
Barbara Noe Kennedy, Communications Coordinator (Monthly newsletter: “Holding the Line”)
Jane Martin, Website Photo Editor
Burford Smith, Tour Manager
Al Stevens, Technical Support Coordinator

Board of Directors

Jo Roberts, President, Term Expires August 2020
Bill McKinnon, Vice President, Term Expires 2020
Mary Adams, Secretary, Term Expires 2022
Laurence Schiller, Treasurer, Term Expires 2020
Norman Dasinger, Term Expires 2022
Fowler West, Term Expires 2020
Bill Terpeluk, Term Expires 2023
Joe Trahan, Term Expires 2023