BGES is proud to be partnering with the following organizations.

The Lincolnarchives Digital Project
Lincolnarchives is the only website that will have digital versions of all federal records related to the Lincoln White House years. This includes State, Treasury, War, Justice, Interior, etc., records. Primary and secondary sources, such as maps, photographs, newspaper articles, political cartoons, letters, and journals from the Library of Congress, will also be included. Together, these documents will work together to present a new perspective on Lincoln and the Civil War era. The Blue & Gray Education Society funded specific expenses of the project for nearly two years. See the website

Medford Historical Society
The Medford Historical Society has one of the largest private collections of the Civil War era and 19th-century photographs. Blue and Gray Education Society and Medford Historical Society have partnered to make these photographs available in digital format. The total collection comprises over 3,300 different images, including carte de visites and excellent quality prints acquired nearly 130 years ago. Be sure to check out the latest images on the BGES Blog, where you’ll have the chance to comment and contribute any insights you might have into them.

 Old Country Tours
Certain BGES tours in Europe are planned and conducted by Old Country Tours, a carefully vetted organization with highly qualified European historians and over 20 years of experience planning and conducting educational events. Old Country Tours are run by Peter Gasgoyne-Lockwood, who spent much of his childhood in various parts of the world. After school he joined the British Army and continued to travel and, wherever possible, used his spare time to study battlefield sites and the various campaigns.

Pamplin Historical Park
Donations from members of the BGES have funded half the cost of a full-size functioning 12-pounder Napoleon smooth bore cannon for use in their Civil War Adventure Camp.

Petersburg Battlefields Foundation
The Petersburg Battlefields Foundation supports the Petersburg National Battlefield Park and covers the five different cities and counties in the region. Their first project involved the purchase of .94 acre next to Fort Patrick Kelly. They’re working on acquiring the fort, which was built in response to the Beefsteak Raid in September 1864, along with a rear-facing line that protected the Petersburg front from attack from the rear. The foundation’s goal is to protect sites not covered by the American Battlefield Program. They also plan to offer tours and presentations in the future.

South Carolina Historical Society
Established in 1855, the South Carolina Historical Society is dedicated to expanding, preserving, and making accessible its invaluable collection, and to encouraging interest and pride in South Carolina’s rich history. The BGES has formed a strategic partnership with the SCHS.

Yellow Ribbon FundYellow Ribbon Fund
YRF and BGES have partnered together to offer free Civil War programs to injured vets from Walter Reed Army Medical Center and Fort Belvoir.